Urgent: New Presentation High Sex Abuse victim



Parents of Another Sexual Abuse Victim at Presentation High School Come Forward

Principal’s failure to notify law enforcement about sex abuse claims against Performing Arts instructor results in sex crimes against children with learning disabilities at his next teaching job.


SAN JOSE, CA – March 15, 2018 – Another parent has come forward, claiming that Presentation High School refused to follow mandated reporting laws that protect children and failed to notify law enforcement about sexual abuse allegations against Director of Performing Arts instructor Jefferey Hicks. Hicks was allowed to not only quietly finish out the 2003-2004 school year but he was also allowed to teach during the summer of 2004 and continued engaging in predatory behavior, despite numerous sexual abuse allegations and after his own admission in the presence of Mary Miller, Principal at Presentation and parents of the victims, that he had inappropriately fondled an underage student.

This is another example of numerous unreported incidents where victims came forward to Presentation administration citing inappropriate acts of sexual misconduct and assault against underage students, but were continuously covered up during Mary Miller’s tenure as principal.

As a result of Hicks quietly leaving Presentation High School with a clean teaching record, he was hired as a science teacher at Stanbridge Academy, a San Mateo school for children with learning disabilities. Reports indicate that Hicks was placed on leave at Stanbridge Academy for exchanging Facebook messages with a student about masturbation. The head of the school then found a CD on Hicks’ desk containing pornographic videos. Hicks was convicted and sentenced to six months in jail for keeping child pornography at work and exchanging inappropriate messages with a 14-year-old student. He is now a lifetime registered sex offender.

Hicks’ resume states, “Developed and implemented new curriculum and programs while serving as the first Director of Performing Arts at Presentation High School, San Jose, 2002-2004.” Once Hicks left Presentation High School with a clean record, he was unknowingly allowed to have access to minors at various performing arts venues as a director and character actor. His stage resume, which includes numerous engagements after leaving Presentation High School, is still viewable online.

States Pres alum (1991) Cheryl Hodgin Marshall, “The breaking of mandated reporting laws has greater consequences than just putting Pres girls at risk. It has the potential to put all children in our community at risk. Teachers quietly moving on to new schools to re-offend is more than unacceptable. It is down right immoral.”

It was also during this time period that Miller told staff that all complaints were to go to counseling and then to Mary Miller. Former staff members state that Miller did not encourage direct reporting to law enforcement or CPS as required by law. Multiple teachers on or around this time period quit as a result of feeling very uncomfortable about how some sexual misconduct cases were handled.

Multiple students and at least one former teacher also stated that at the beginning of the 2003-2004 school year, Miller hosted an assembly where she lectured students about how disgraceful it was to their image as a community of girls to be engaging in gossip. They stated Miller told the students she was disgusted by their behavior.




  • Kate Leehane from MakePresSafe.com
  • Attorney Robert Allard
  • Ed Vasquez



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Last updated: March 21th, 2018