Statement from Presentation High School Sexual Abuse Survivors

Effort to remove key administrators, Mary Miller and Marian Stuckey, to continue.

San Jose, CA — May 1, 2018 — Make Pres Safe, a movement led by Presentation High School sexual abuse survivors and their supporters, along with their attorney Robert Allard, are vowing to continue with efforts to ensure student safety is the top priority at Presentation High School.

“Presentation is a wonderful place, but it needs new leadership that consistently adheres to child abuse reporting laws in order to protect the amazing students and faculty,” said Kathryn Leehane, PHS sexual abuse survivor and co-founder of Make Pres Safe.

Leehane along with Allard and PHS alumna Cheryl Hodgin Marshall met with Presentation High School representatives yesterday. The all-day meeting unfortunately did not result in a resolution. No further details can be provided due to a stipulated agreement to keep negotiations confidential in accordance with a mediation privilege.

“New leaders who can acknowledge and empathize with PHS sexual abuse victims are an absolute must in the healing process for these survivors,” said attorney Robert Allard, who has committed to volunteering all his time on a pro bono basis.

PHS sexual abuse victims have exhibited common characteristics associated with the harm caused by sexual abuse, including suicidal thoughts and tendencies, PTSD, depression and anxiety, and trust issues in relationships.

“The Board of Directors and the Sisters of the Presentation need to understand the immediate necessity for change and how that will alleviate much of the pain of the victims as well as the advocates and community who have watched this unfold over the past six months,” added Hodgin Marshall.

Make Pres Safe will continue as the voice for PHS sexual abuse survivors and advocate for safeguards to ensure that pedophiles don’t harm children, administrators don’t cover up for and enable predators, and that mandatory laws are strictly followed. “Together with the Santa Clara County DA’s office and San Jose Police Department, we will focus on student safety until we have accomplished those goals,” said Allard.