Robert Allard’s Closing Statement

November 22, 2017 (Watch the raw footage of the entire press conference.)

“Unfortunately, these stories are not isolated. Quite the opposite. Through an aggressive investigation we have been conducting over the past several weeks with the assistance of these two brave women, two former San Jose Police Department sergeants, a former Santa Clara County District Attorney and three attorneys from my office, a clear pattern has emerged, going back at least three decades.

When young women entrusted to its care reported that they were subjected to sexually inappropriate behavior by its employees, the response by the administration at Presentation High School was to protect the image and reputation of the school and cast the safety and welfare of the student to the side. Our entire investigative team is truly astounded, shocked and frankly dismayed as to how many times, since the late 1980’s, this has happened; how many offending educators are involved; and how this administration has on numerous occasions failed to fulfill its mandatory reporter duties under California law.

As Kate and Cheryl have demonstrated, the damage caused to countless young women has been unspeakable.

We have asked for a meeting with Presentation’s Board of Directors so that we can share the vast information which we have gathered to date and make the following demands:

  1. An acknowledgement of wrongdoing by Presentation’s administration as it relates to its failure to protect its students from predator teachers and coaches;
  2. A public apology to all students, as well as their families and friends, who have been subjected to sexually inappropriate behavior, including sexual assault and rape, by Presentation employees;
  3. A commitment to a drastic change in mindset as to how Presentation goes about following its legal mandatory reporter responsibilities. In short, moving forward, it is imperative that Presentation create a detailed and comprehensive child protection program which is designed to eradicate sexual abuse on its campus at all costs, even if it results in harm to its image, reputation and financial interests.

Thank you.”