Statement from Dina Leonis

December 19th, 2017

The administration at Presentation High School created an environment which resulted in my
daughter being sexually molested by one of its employees.

Presentation had numerous opportunities to stop this employee, a water polo coach, yet they
chose to break mandatory reporter laws by failing to notify law enforcement about suspected
child sexual abuse. This failure led directly to multiple sexual assaults being committed upon
my daughter, causing her to suffer extreme emotional damage which continues 4 years later until
the present time.

My daughter first attended Presentation as a freshman in the 2013/2014 school year and
immediately started playing junior varsity water polo coach. In the Fall of 2013, three of my
daughter’s water polo teammates reported to Presentation’s Athletic Director that the head coach
had engaged in the following action concerning my daughter: 1) inappropriately touched her,
including hand holding, hugging, and massages; 2) exchanged inappropriate photos with her via
“Snap Chat;” 3) spent considerable time alone with my daughter including in the coach’s car; 4)
had clearly shown favoritism towards my daughter; and 5) engaged generally in red flag
predatory behavior.

Based on what I was told, the Athletic Director promptly notified the principal, Mary Miller, of
this information.

Mary Miller should have taken the three girls seriously, fulfilled her job as a mandated reporter,
and reported this information to the police. Yet, no report was even made by Presentation.
Rather, based on what I know, Mary Miller did nothing other than to continue to allow this coach
continued access to her players including my daughter for at least the remainder of the water
polo season.

If a simple examination of my daughter’s phone was conducted, the police would have learned
that my daughter was the target of very blunt and inappropriate sexual language and
connotations. Specifically, the coach was texting my daughter 10-20 times a day, grooming her,
and telling her that she was sexy and beautiful.

In my opinion, if Presentation and Mary Miller had followed the law, my child’s predator would
have been stopped, and my daughter would have never been sexually abused.

I found out about the abuse on Sunday, March 16 of 2014 and met with Mary Miller the very
next day. As opposed to offering sympathy, compassion, or showing any remorse whatsoever,
Mary Miller made me feel small and dirty. Like it was my fault and that I was not a good mother.
I felt judged. Mary also refused to tell me why the water polo coach’s contract was not renewed
although it was clear it was because of what happened with my daughter. In other words, from
my standpoint, she covered up this information.

My daughter tried to finish out the school year. She was having trouble coping with what
happened. She was told by the Dean to move forward and heal. To not hold on to the past. It was
like she was being told to forget about what happened and move on.

Presentation needs to own up to what it did to my daughter and publicly apologize to her. True
healing will not occur until this is done. Presentation also needs to stop covering up for problem
teachers and start doing its job as mandated reporters.

If Presentation’s leaders cannot do this, they should all immediately resign.